The gods

The New Gods

The New Gods appeared many ages ago, so long now that people have stopped referring to them as “the new gods” and simply just, the gods. These beings are different to the old gods in that the possess a definitive sense of morality and ethics, that relates more to culture and civilisation. Where the old gods were literal embodiments of aspects of life, the new gods represent differing philosophies on life and living, and dictate a strict code of law and conduct relating to how humanoids should act.


Death, change.

The clergy of Pharasma is somewhat unique in that they tend to me more hands on than other churches. Clerics of Pharasma are required to work in graveyards, funeral homes, and even as executioners.


Beauty. Guises. Acting.


Duty, watchfulness, guardians.


War, conflict, courage.


Magic, energy, life.


Coin, Travel, language


Civilisation, cities, knowledge.


Disease, illness, rot, decay.

Of all the gods (even Mask), Nox is perhaps the most reviled. The clergy of Nox would insist that people’s prejudice against them is unwarranted and that their church is but one facet of existence. Never-the-less, the church of Nox operates in hiding, only coming out when plagues and diseases run rampant in cities.
Whilst the church of Pharasma holds the undead to be despised, the church of Nox is the only clergy to make use of undead, attracting necromancers and other unsavory individuals to their worship.


Spring, dawn, farming.


God of Power, control, dominance

As Chauntea is the god of the common folk, Bane is the god of rulers. The church highlights the necessity of power to keep civilisation running.


God of Mercy, Forgiveness, and Suffering


Forge, creation, fire


The Nameless one, The Thirteenth Power, The God of Deceit.
Mask is not the name of the god, it is simply the name used by people referring to it. Mask, being the god of lies, trickery, secrets, deceit and obfuscation obviously keeps his name hidden. Whether Mask is a real God or not is debated furiously. Some believe the entity was created by thieves to justify their actions, whilst others believe the ambiguity around Mask is obvious given it’s doctrine. People who follow Mask believe that lying and trickery is an integral part of life, and that politics and society could not exist without it.

The Old Gods

The names of the old gods have been scrubbed from records of eons past. None alive can remember them.
Alternatively, it is believed the gods existed in a time before names, when all of nature was a singular entity. The old gods were more like world spirits and elementals that didn’t have morals or ethics, they were simply manifestations of nature.


Tiamat – A powerful dragon who has a sizable cult worshipping her. The cult believes her to be a god.

Ilsensine – God of Forgotten Lore, the Depths, and Unspeakable Horror

The gods

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