Oneus Earthmane

A descendent of a once powerful family who settled out west in the valley.


A member of the Goliath race. He is a skilled enchanter, and operates as the chief enchanter within the Saruun Mages in Restwell

Eight food high, heavily built and muscled. His skin is weathered and his eyes are flat white.

He is available to enchant items using ancient magic rites that involve him imbibing potions made from blood, bile and humors of dead creatures and using magic ink to inscribe upon items. If PCs can bring him corpses of creatures he can enchant. More powerful the creature, and better preserved the corpse, the more powerful the enchant.


His grandfather built an estate about 1000 years ago as a magic testing ground to measure the effect of the meteor.

The estate has been abandoned for many hundreds of years. Oneus has been looking for adventurers to help him and put out the call.

The PCs answered his call and Wants to recover his staff and book left behind in the estate.

Oneus Earthmane

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