Cassi Akila

A mysterious warrior mage from the far east. Dressed in religious robes and bandages her stern gaze conveys her displeasure at having to deal with the uncivilised west.


Str 10
Con 14
Dex 10
Int 20
Wis 14
Cha 8

Level 1 Wizard
AC 15
Fort 13
Ref 16
Will 15

Primary Skills
Common Law

Secondary Skills

Minor Skills

Weak Skill


Cass grew up in the far east, ruled by a theocrachy and the god-king, Cass was adopted into a warrior creche from her refugee parents (who were persecuted by their original and new country for their religion). Cass grew up trained to guard the nobility of the east.

For reasons currently unknown she is now travelling in the west.

Her religion is very conservative about women and she dons a series of holy bandages across her face and arms.

She has been travelling with Artin for about 8 months. The two get along well with each other, although he doesn’t seem to know much more about her past than the rest of the adventuring crew (although with Artin you can never really tell what he knows).

Cassi Akila

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