The Scarred Valley

The hunt for Ronnik

The bank was aflame.

The adventurers were quick to try dousing the fire, and rallied the occupants of the keep to join in. However, the flame burned too strongly and, surprisingly, the fire was magical in nature. Through the smoke, moving pillars of fire could be seen, floating through the bank.

The party entered the bank to see fire elementals wandering about the place, and were quick to dispatch them. In addition to the fire elementals, a water elemental also stood behind Ronnik’s counter.

After banishing the elementals corporeal forms, they were resummoned out of a brazier and sink. Cassi examined an arcane sigil incribed on the floor, and quickly started sucking the energy away from it, with help from Blash. Once the circle was eliminated, the elementals stopped emerging, and it was just a case of stopping the fire. Though the fire had spread too far, the group worked to eradicate as much as they could, whilst Arten took the advantage and searched the bank before it’s eventual collapse. After cracking a safe on the back wall, Arten obtained a healthy sum of gold (no doubt belonging to the keep’s occupants) and found some papers, including a map showing the location of a Well hideout.

They met up with Benwick, who asked them if they had found anything and only stated that there was a map. Benwick concluded like the rest of the party that that was a likely position for Ronnik to escape to.

The party rested up and made out for the Well Hideout the next day.

Through mist and light drizzle, and old, decayed well house was spotted ahead, patrolled with lizard like opponents. The party ambushed them and subdued them. A few escaped, but one was caught for questioning. It revealed a location of a temple to Tiamat, as well as the fact that Ferdinand Ronnik was their patron. Ronnik, unfortunately, was nowhere to found. The lizardman caught for questioning attempted to escape but was cut to ribbons.

After looting some decayed bodies found in the well, the party returned to town, cleaned the gore off, and decided seek out other jobs out there. Presumably ones less convoluted than the Ronnik situation.

Talking to a grumpy Kendon Longstrider, the party found that he was somewhat dismissive of their plans in Restwell and suggested they move on. Talking to a more approachable Fallek, Kiva al’Sirrenar managed to open him up and they chatted about the area. Notably, they learned that no one in the keep goes over the wall, chiefly due to the possibility of corruption that might happen. They also learned that Nyra, of the Saruun mages, was brought in by the Blades some time ago, to negotiate the various nightmares and horrors that people might bring back with them from the Scar. Intriguingly, they also learned that the meteor that crashed into the Scar landed on the exact spot of an ancient and powerful arcane academy.

They then visited the Saruun Guildhouse, and talked with Oneus Earthmane, who officially informed them about his grandfather’s lost estate, and requested they fetch a tome of rituals and an enchanted staff. In return, Oneus would be able to offer his services as a Saruun enchanter.

- The PCs put out the fire in the bank, which was started by fire elementals, which were summoned from inside the bank.
- Finding a map inside the bank, the PCs followed it to an old abandoned well.
- Lizardmen were at the site and fought the PCs. A few escaped but one was caught and revealed the location of a temple to Tiamat.
- PCs returned to Restwell and contacted Oneus of the Saruun Mages to see what his job was. He asked them to retrieve a book of rituals and a staff from his family’s ancient estate. End of session.


Arten has now begun a plan to plant the seeds of doubt among the populace that Ronnick is indeed untrustworthy. He has claimed that the party found no gold in the bank and that the vault was open and empty when they were attempting to put out the flames.

Cassi’s impressive frost magic skills were displayed as she heavily injured four separate opponents with one single spell.

The hunt for Ronnik
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